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High Lord clemedicit ivy see: the lady is greeting for everything all around come-up possible and imaginatively given - a last post sounds enter impicturively - the break-in of a sudden dying arrived last hours with glamour and comics made up so will things be for each of us - as for our part of the cake we rather doubt this flyer's fiercy will so do in Clement's future featured on before an end of life during last night 2/3 of november - the impost of reading saves up to late morning we say goodbye to Clement's awefull humor cooling though - no need to feel mediation of stream-sadness let it be's - this happened in the night just discovered his lady came into a slow voiced blue feeling grit for a Clementini donna pia - Virgine all cared for +/+ putti are given to dolly?/clef's answers a grinz/ *

celt's Clem ((celtic) Clem Bur) shared a Flickr photo with you.


Uploaded by celt's Clem on May 26, 2016
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What I mean or what I go through I don't understand in full accounting by awareness of what is the situation showing to others - people differ more than methinks so. Only the Father once said smiling to me from the Heights above when I didn't understand quite well what He was giving me to live for: 'en je moet nog dood ook''Clemens kon deze lach op dat moment niet zeer waarderen - 'and you'll still need to die too/

This way I can forgive people they developed phantasies about the death of Clement, but in a real time answer it's the Lord holy by which I defended my country's honors and this world of goods around. In de Nederlanden Koninkrijken gaan de zaken des levens nu een keer immer om het geld, take it or leave it. now, being differentiated in time, Clementini goes for the experience she gets a chance restored for an opening to her countenance in the writing reports style send-outs - a song of praise comes in the heart up to the lady's mind.Seal prints are 'she'll see for freedom's after-day accounts' - a share in Resurrection makes no change too often. Around is Jesus keeping an eye on everything that goes with us.

'So much I dye for a whiskey' is the sigh that a hub she wits in soony: 'we think Mister Mooney should win the election' - maiden family tied affections cannot feel for deep regret the mnhood left for any shed - Duffy couldn't see the stiffy of Oona's foregoing bind a name change is no need to get the role regally, see weaved Clementini Clemente Clemens Clemy Cleia, what matters? playwright lofty? Too a Bell toll sound? Can be well set in for the public stages - the chapelin aunt has called for heir&her and nothing seemed to help - she'll not feel objections either.

Juicy#Toy feels well/Till when this goes, dear Lord?

'and the little forest takes in for the silent support'

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