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companionship with the Roman woman - letter from Holland in representation to the USA

"Although it would pick up on the tradition of Helen as a poet-figure, such a move would be impossible, for the premise of Helen's myth – and Helen's appeal – is that no one has full access to her consciousness." from: Helen of Troy reloaded.

attn. Sebesta

Though it might be my reaction is arriving rather late, the demanding lines in stoa.org/diotima to give attention to and eventually add to the knowledge a/o image banks with the subject there given with the appeal formulated as to share working with the On-line Companion to the Worlds of the Roman Woman came tonight at my attention and I thought by myself: may be I could better do join in the party than hitting the deer on the way to her youngs. We are aware that it has been the foresaying I would care about what has to endure in these days a woman in America at the West-Side of it's very wings, and even when I wouldn't know very much about the background neither the future of woman liberation as a movement I would at this point in American history that for the first time a lady entered the ring for running to the White House, conceive the actuality of the day like being that a fact the America's cannot pick up quite well by only the owning of the land gives the enigmata a capacity to understand about things that matter for giving life a touch of reality. And what to do next, if you are convinced everything that happens in real-time history is keeping a reason like that is one for the occurance of man's destiny as such and as much obvious, a subject belonging to our time's phenomenal values, not only to be written about by making a list of all facts of man's history in a past to be forgotten and for that reason such facts of history will not happen again in any way imaginable? 

So what seemed obvious to me, that I felt eager to let pin my light on a standard all so bright, turned out after a few moments of meditation to be the most wise, like it is the destiny of lights that they should shine, not only on their behalf, so belonging my eagerness to what is the reaching of the fan reserved for my interests if properly arranged, since that shining of my lamp if considered well enough fits the willingness to cooperate could serve a higher plan. If it were not me to accept I am just a man and not more than that, I would have failed to myself and my convincement there is more to say on the point of being a man in our time, and the least I can offer with all reasonability to make understand what in my faith is given is that I am no woman obliged to call her mine. 

So what I like to send to you is a proove of my agreement with the situation arriven we got a new emperor in the white mind said to be a house, and I add out of compassion  with the fate of our world on beforehand by heart knowing aof that kind of things, but what is a house without the lady in sight? Please don't feel you're having no reason to, or wondering what is the purpose of this all, to let me know if my assistance is belonging to the wished for arrangement set by the On-line Companion atlas to be published. And too, for not being shy, I would love it if you would hand over to me some questions or problems alive in the On-line Companion and ruling some things in our world you like to understand better, whether this is an item of atention to women and their life circumstances or to men, by answering me on such a reasonable word I would conceive rather easily to understand the what's about of that. I write this for the ceremonial reasons like being me free to give you insight in my pride, I happen to represent the Word in just so many and also just that few ways as could possibly be given to make ourselves acquainted with by reading about the actuality afterwards coming to mankind following this Word in the christianity of that time being the leading faith one that ended up the era the Roman woman ruling society with a certain deed of compassion by the churches which is the Concilium of Nicea where has been reconciliated the Logos, and pinned the values into the middle of attention for a religious convincement of many we rather understand still scarcely what has been the freeing content value of.

written for Word on the Sunday Morning

writing Clement de Buer 

also the writer is knowledgeable by name Clem Bur etc.
- - - 'mmm' //'and this has not been a lady to give me the family name of Buur'

P.S. we experience some struggle with the Kingdom of Rock.

title: Michael and Davide meeting each other 
the park at daytime

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