zondag 2 oktober 2016

Zoho Show invitation: 'stay calm in your heart'

Zoho Show
Hi clemedicit
Seanclen ltd. invites you to view the presentation 
init union anno ion.
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Regards, - Geacht Zoho Show Team, 
will people ever understand they
 can't hide what they do for the Lord Allmighty? As for that your Team is requested
to let them know Lord Clement understands what they do and did to him and with him is in the line of expectations 
h'll not explain them in immediate real-time accounting in accordance with their way of wiki-reasoning. 
If he did so nothing would have been gained by all of us, and the new world  we all expect to arrive at in the end of this period would again stay  away for us and everybody would complain how little justice there is in this world. 

To fear something or somebody means you did something you feel guilty about, writes the apostel Paul. 
Such fear is not considered to be accounted for in the line of this mindful compassion policy his Lordship developed menwhile to provide for reasonbility in relations and to induce values for social and economical  behavior without caring about his own interests in the material side of life. 
Instead of acting that way the Clement Lord Randon cared for serving values certainly chosen to
belong to a better set-up in these things and aims, the good is better than the bad, and Clement points out with an eye on planning in real-time projection for what is still to be expected in the way we don't know, about the how and when but His Lordship knows. 

This letter is meant to make things real and to give you a reason of justification which will free you of the convincement doing wrong things is more wise than acting according to the good you all pretend to go for as far as you could eventually go., like such morals and the willingness to keep in  mind what is really the good way to follow is what's missing in all efforts you pretend to set out the roadmap for in the opinion that no confimation is needed to proove nothing is wrong only serving finally your own purse.
In the way they account for a better profit the reasons of His Lordship serve  a higher profit in any advantage not seen by them clear enough.

Make people to get the insight that when they become conscious they do wrong it's never too late to repent.

Clement Michael Lord Randon - Duke of Portland  de Buer et cetera
- on his behalf,
'et in Arcadia ego'
the Zoho Show Team.
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