zondag 2 oktober 2016

liberalizing topic: a gentle love idiom explains

For reasons of striving to more liberalized rules for editions in the internet
applications of our time I must have received this picture of beauty
and love for I can't remember I did the download anyway by myself.

The original photograph already was daring and pure, and I immediately
got to feel I appeciate what I was seeing, not having any blocking of
shame in my mind at all. Like this is my custom to do with new material
I edited the original a little so as to give the picture more an acculturated look.

Beautiful as this picture is like all flowers are, I have given the piece of art the name narration:

- 'a liliacea never forgets about who serves her beauty' -

- quote: 'One can build homes with this kind of things' - Cl7**

- greeting the Clement*

- P.S. 1: bees and butterflies too engage in this kind of activity on procreation.

- P.S. 2: to explain around the love of our Lord Holy I pray: For he gave us a body too, not just a mind to live in abstinence of good manners for love's ways. Whether this Lord decided what to make for us on the point of birth prevention is not mentioned now.

Bodensee - the three countries lake
drawing after original photograph/
text and edition from webatelier clembur 5/2nd - Holland

original source: multixnxx.com

sent by service of

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